Enatega - Food Delivery Full App

Enatega is food delivery full fledge solution for iOS, Android and Web for dashboard and analytics using Amplitude. We have made sure that you get a good design for mobile and dashboard application and a complete solution for you to easily implement this app for any restaurant application.
React Native with Expo is used to build this application for mobile end. For dashboard panel React has been used. Both mobile and web use Graphql. For State management and querying end points Apollo Client is used. The API is made using Node with Mongodb.
It has all the features that you will ever need to implement this application for any restaurant or some kind of food delivery application. Some of the features that are included in it are:
  • Push Notification for both Mobile and Web
  • Analytics Dashboard for Mobile app
  • Payment Integration for both Paypal and Stripe
  • Order tracking Feature
  • Email Integration -- Email is sent for some actions such as making Order
  • Rating and Review
  • Finding address using GPS integration
  • Facebook and Google Authentication integration
  • Mobile Responsive Dashboard
  • Multi Language Support using Localization
  • Separate Rider App for orders management
  • Multiple food variation items
We have made sure that the code is well structured and removed of unnecessary screens to make your development life easier. It is also integrated with the following features so you could have an even better development experience.
  • ESLint to provide you with linting capability in Javascript.
  • Prettier for code formatting
  • Jest for unit testing
  • Husky to prevent bad commits.

What will you have in Enatega Full App?

  • Enatega Mobile App
  • Enatega Rider App
  • Admin Web Dashboard
  • Application program interface server
  • Analytics Dashboard with Expo Amplitude

Enatega Technology Stack

Application program interface (API) server

Web Dashboard

Mobile App

Rider App

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